A Message From Our Family To You And Yours.
Uncertain Times Call For Real Leaders
That Are Willing To Step Up.
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How can you support your local community during this time of crisis? By keeping your team calm and working to support critical infrastructure. Do this by providing reliable information, implement emergency procedures, and show your team that their safety is your primary concern.
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Review The Plan
If you do not already have an emergency response plan for the virus, you can download our free customizable template by entering your email above. Your emergency chief should schedule a meeting and review closely with your team. Everyone should understand their role.
Select A Captain
Select someone responsible and trustworthy inside your company to act as your emergency captain. Your OSHA Safety Chief is a great choice. They will be responsible to ensuring safety compliance, conveying accurate information, and implementing your emergency response plan.
Review State and Local Procedures
Most local and state government includes building maintenance as an "essential services." Contact your local and state health services office to determine what category they place roofing.
Communicate Openly
Let employees know what they can expect in the coming weeks and months. Be honest and open to promote a spirit of teamwork. Make sure everyone understands the risks and rewards. Additionally, communicate your plan with clients and potential customers. Help them to understand the procedures in place to ensure their safety.
Do Your Part
What core competencies can your company contribute to the community? Can you safely offer deliveries to the elderly, retool equipment to make PPE gear, or allow employees to volunteer safely for organizations? Or is your organization better served to support the economy by sticking to your regular schedule during this time of crisis?